JW Pepper, Pend Oreille County Deputy


Grew up in Metaline and joined the army at 19. Became an MP after basic and spent some time overseas. After he was discharged he was picked up by the old sheriff of Metaline who knew him growing up and was given a spot on the force. He has aspirations of becoming a detective but doesn’t have the experience yet or academy training. There isn’t a lot of detecting as an MP.

Married his high school sweetheart Leesa while in the army but divorced after he was deployed. She has moved down to Ione and works as a bank teller.

His younger brother, Clifton works for the timber industry in the area and resents JW for leaving home and seeing the world while he was stuck in Metaline taking care of their alcoholic father. Their mother left when they were young and hasn’t been seen since. Their dad wasn’t really abusive he just neglected the boys who were left to fend for themselves.

JW Pepper, Pend Oreille County Deputy

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