ZZ Metaline Falls

Friday Afternoon

  • After arresting Bernard Renault and leaving the Book House, the Special Agents requested a warrant to search the apartment that Bernard Renault shares with his brother Jacques in Metaline Falls. When serving the warrant, someone slipped out the back window and ran off into the woods. A brief chase ensued but the unknown person got away. It is very unlikely that the fleeing suspect was Jacques Renault, as he is too fat to fit through the window or to run for any distance.
  • A search of the apartment uncovered several suspicious objects: several copies of “Flesh World” and a bloody shirt with the initials “LJ” sown into the collar. Initial tests show that the blood is AB- (not Sheryl Grant’s blood type). In a stack of mail on the counter was a bill for 50 gallons of heating oil—suspicious because the apartment building uses baseboard heat exclusively. Several photographs of a cabin are found in the apartment, with two distinctive features. The first is the red curtains that block all of the windows, strongly reminiscent of Deputy Claridge’s dream. The second is a distinctive mountaintop visible beyond the roof of the cabin. From the shape and angle of the peak, it appears to be Blue Pine Mountain and places the cabin east or southeast of Sullivan Lake, within a mile or two of the abandoned railcar and no more than 3 miles from the railroad bridge where Ronette Pulaski was found. A search of the area is bound to take hours, if not days. As evening draws on, finding the cabin will probably have to wait until the following morning.


Azhmodai Azhmodai

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