ZZ Metaline Falls

Episode 3 (Thursday Evening)

  • As night fell, Special Agent Randolf staked out the abandoned rail car. The night was quiet and uneventful, although there seemed to be an unusual number of owls in the area. After a few hours on watch, Special Agent Randolf fell asleep for an known length of time. When he awoke it was still dark, and he had a vague recollection of a disturbing dream.
  • Sheriff Pitt and Deputy Claridge visited the Grant house to see if Sheryl’s parents, Leland and Sarah, could provide any insight into what befell their daughter. Their questioning added no new information but confirmed some of what they had learned from Donna Hayward. A search of Sheryl’s room revealed a hidden compartment beneath a floorboard, which held a locked leatherbound diary and a cellular phone. Both of these items were taken into evidence.
  • Deputies Doolitch and Pepper made their usual patrol rounds, until a routine stop at the Roadhouse revealed trouble in progress. Deputy Doolitch arrived just in time to see Bobby Briggs and Mike Nelson confront Ed Hurley. A moment later knocked to the ground. A brief skirmish ensued between several of the regulars and members of a motorcycle group known as the “Book House Boys.”
  • As Deputy Doolitch radioed for backup, the impending brawl dispersed and several patrons and suspects left the scene by car, truck, and motorbike. Deputy Doolitch noticed one helmetless motorcyclist leave with a passenger, but they were too far away to identify. A similar pair was spotted minutes later in Metaline Falls by Special Agent Chapman and deputies Pepper and Claridge. Claridge attempted to give pursuit, but the motorcyclist quickly eluded her.


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