ZZ Metaline Falls

Episode 2 (Thursday afternoon)

  • Deputy Claridge interviewed Bobby Briggs and Donna Hayward at the high school. She learned that Sheryl Grant had two jobs: one at Horne’s Department Store and one delivering food for Meals on Wheels. She had recently quit the job at Horne’s Department Store.
  • Special Agents Chapman and Randolf went to the hospital. Ronette Pulaski is in ICU, catatonic and suffering from shock and hypothermia. Her hands and feet are bandaged to treat the early stages of frostbite. She also has several visible wounds: bruises on arms, rope marks on wrists, forearms and ankles.
  • Special Agents Chapman and Randolf also spoke to Doc Hayward and Dr. Fielding, who were conducting the post-mortem on Sheryl Grant in the morgue. Time of death estimated between midnight and 4am. Cause of death was loss of blood from numerous shallow wounds, no single one serious enough to have caused death. She had bite marks on her shoulders and on her tongue—that one probably self-inflicted. She had lesions on wrists, ankles, upper arms where she was bound. Waiting on toxicological tests for drug use. Within the last 12 hours she had sexual relations with at least 3 men—waiting on lab results for that as well.
  • Sheriff Pitt and the deputies led a search that uncovered the scene of the crime: an abandoned Pullman rail car on a spur about a mile from the Sullivan Creek Rail Bridge. While the sheriff’s dept secured the area, the FBI agents conducted a search of the premises.
  • Outside the car were several footprints: two distinctly different bare footprints, probably belonging to Sheryl Grant and Ronette Pulaski, and another set of prints wearing men’s work boots. The prints leaving the car were deeper than those entering.
  • Inside the car they found bloodstains on the floor and walls, along with bloody rags and scraps of clothing. There was a rubber mallet and a retractable box cutter, both with blood. Twine near one of the chairs matches the second type of twine found on Sheryl Grant.
  • In the center of the car was a small mound of dirt. On top of the mound was a gold chain and charm pendant in the shape of half a heart. At the base of the mound was a torn piece of newsprint with words written in what appears to be blood: FIRE WALK WITH ME.
  • After returning to the Sheriff’s office, Special Agent Chapman received a call from SAC Gordon Cole. He asked Chapman to examine the nail of the left ring finger of the deceased girl.


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