ZZ Metaline Falls

Episode 1 (Thursday morning)

  • Pete Martell found Sheryl Grant’s body early on the morning of Thursday, Feb 24th. He was out fishing on the Pend Oreille River as he often does before work.
  • Doc Hayward estimated the body was submerged for 2-6 hours based on the body temp, but couldn’t provide a more precise time of death.
  • The body was wrapped in 4 mil plastic of a common type found in home improvement stores.
  • Visible wounds on the body include bruises on the arms and face, abrasions on hands and knees, rope marks on wrists, forearms and ankles, and strange gouges or bites on the left clavicle.
  • Another girl was discovered crossing the Sullivan Creek rail bridge at the Idaho border. She is suffering hypothermia and shock, and is currently catatonic.
  • Special Agents Chapman and Randolf flew in from the Seattle office to assist (AKA take over) the kidnapping investigation. As the kidnapping appears to be tied to the murder, they will probably take the lead on that investigation as well.


Azhmodai Azhmodai

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